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ZZZ Nguni Cattle –
the breed that has always been there ®

ZZZ Nguni Stud

Thousands of years of environmental interaction and natural selection have given Southern Africans the gift of the Nguni cattle breed.

The Triple Z Nguni Stud was created out of respect for the hardiness of these animals and for their genetic adaptation to harsh and extreme climatic conditions in various Southern African regions.

Commercial agriculture in South Africa, steeped as it has been in Western thinking and practices, continues to learn lessons from the Nguni cattle. It is now recognising the ability of this breed to calve annually and without help – over a productive life of fifteen years or more – to survive and thrive in tick infested conditions, and to produce weaned offspring up to half the weight of the mother.

A breed known for its sociable and gentle temperament is famous also for its colourful and varied hides. Researcher Marguerite Poland and artist Leigh Voight’s “Abundant Herds” has captured the beauty of the Nguni cattle, highlighting the uniqueness of each animal and its specific significance in Zulu lore.

Triple Z Nguni Stud invites you to its home in the north-eastern Free State. Join us for a cup of coffee and a friendly chat about the breed – and about the particular Nguni genetic pool that we are developing.

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