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Breeding season and vaccinnations
We do not adhere to a breeding season at the Triple Z Nguni Stud. We have left it to nature to synchronise and determine calving periods. This was not a conscious decision, but rather the result of the extensive and nomadic existence of the beginning years of the stud.

About two-thirds of the calves are born during August, September and October, and the rest in March.

The big annual roundup happens in March when the whole herd receives its vaccinations, new calves are branded and ear tag management is done.

A month later the whole process is repeated for the booster vaccinations and the animals receive their vitamin and mineral supplements to see them through the winter. This roundup also ensures that all the branding and tags are in order for the annual inspection, normally in April, which is appreciated by the inspectors!

After this it’s out to field and waiting for the calves to arrive. Towards the end of the winter we do another round of vitamin and mineral injections, preferably just before the main calving season as the vitamin E is good for the mucous membranes, which supports ease of birthing.

See the veterinary page for the full regime of vaccinations, medication and supplements used at Triple Z Nguni Stud.

Supplemental feeding
Phosphate lick is given to the herd during the summer months and is enhanced during winter with molasses for energy and cotton oil seed for added protein.

Whilst we support the Blup system in principle, infrastructural constraints allow us only to measure birth weights. Once the final stage of the cattle handling facilities is completed, see technical, a scale will be included and full Blup measurements will be taken and forwarded to the Animal Improvement Institute.