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Nguni and Art

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The Nguni cattle breed has recently inspired a whole new genre of art, but the beauty of these animals evoked the same sense of urgency to capture their appeal in ancient man!

The Egyptian tomb paintings and sculptures not only depict these animals in their daily interaction with the Egyptians, but elevate them into a religious realm and established them in cults and deities, central to their beliefs.

These pictures show cattle being used in agriculture, herded, counted and worshipped.

Even before the Egyptians, ancient man felt a stirring in his soul to capture what was obviously important to him. Maybe it was because these animals provided him with food and shelter, essential to his survival. Maybe it was just because they were beautiful to him, I think….

Rock art from the famous Lascaux caves in France, dating back 17,000 years!

Today we have artists who maybe felt the same stirring as these ancients to capture the beauty of these animals and what a privilege to do so and reconnect with ourselves across the millennia.

There is no other breed of cattle that offers so much more on so many levels than the Nguni cattle breed. Truly a breed that has always been there!