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Chris vd Merwe
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At ZZZ Nguni Stud we take pride in what we sell. Over and above our genetically pure and outstanding animals we also offer carefully selected hides for sale. These hides were chosen for their unique colour patterns, size, symmetry and overall appeal. The preparation of these hides is critical to ensure a soft, glossy appearance with a full cover of hair on the final product. Only the best tanning techniques were applied to achieve the suppleness, sheen and strength we require.

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Red and white - 230X180, small patch on left hindquarter. Gentle blends of red and white in a harmonious symmetry.
White and red – 200x170, patch left of tail. Vivid red on white!
Black and white – 220x180, white frame and centre, black flanks, almost symmetrical. Dark and mysterious to compliment a gentleman’s retreat.
White and black – 210x120, salt and pepper, symmetrical. Beauty in black and white.
White and black – 200x180, salt and pepper, symmetrical. Soft contrast in black and white.
Tricolour – 220x170, white frame and centre, black frame and red centre on flanks. A true symbol of Africa, see the impi’s on the march and the cattle on a thousand hills depicted in this hide!
White and black – 230x190, black symmetrical flanks on white, with black spots on neck and centre. A study in contrast.
Red and white – 200x160, red with white mottled spine, brand mark. Soft reds and white.
Red and white – 200x120, red with white speckled back and neck. Gentle mingling of whites and red.
White and black – 200x120, salt and pepper, brand mark. Pure in symmetry.
Gray – 200x160, Pedi colouring. Dark and ominous thunderclouds on the horizon.
Black and white – 200x120, black and white contrast, almost symmetrical. The vividness is its own appeal.
Red and white – 190x160, red with white frame and back. Bold red!
Dark red and white – 210x170, shades of dark red in centre and white motley frame. The shades of red are unique.
Red and white – 210x170, red blotches on white. Red drops dispersing on pure white!
Red and white – 210x170, shades of red centre and motley white neck and back. The transfer of reds and white is special.
White and black – 220x170, symmetrical black splotches on white, outstanding in size and contrast.
Cream and brown – shimmering white and cream with splashes of brown, mounted on brown felt. 170x160, this is an outstanding hide, prepared with care!
Brahman – Roan, 230x190, folds at the hump and brand mark.
Brahman – white mottled, 260x210, folds at the hump and brand mark, note the size!

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